As part of a series aimed at seeking opportunities and demonstrating the benefits of international market expansion, this report focuses on the Indian market. While the Indian media and entertainment sector is often associated with Bollywood, a term used to define the country’s dynamic film industry, the report looks instead at opportunities for TV and video game content producers.

This document provides information on the geographic segmentation of Indian audiences and its impact on their media consumption and preferences; the major broadcasters; the regulatory environment; trade agreements with Canada; the industry’s key associations and initiatives; as well as the major markets and trade events in the country.

Highlights from the report include:

►  The market in India for English-language content is currently estimated at 220 million people.

► Since the penetration rate for television has stabilized in urban areas, programming aimed at viewers in rural areas has become a new opportunity for growth.

► Since 2014, time spent watching online videos has increased nine fold.

► The video game market is expected to double in size by 2020.

► Entertainment content accounts for 45% of the time spent online by mobile device users.