Your Market Is Everywhere - Mexico

As part of a series aimed at identifying opportunities and demonstrating the advantages of entering international markets, this report more closely examines the cross-border commercial, cultural and professional opportunities that are available in Mexico to Canadian companies in the television and video game industries.

This report presents information on the genres that are gaining in popularity with Mexicans as well as the latter’s media consumption habits, the country’s main broadcasters and regulatory environment, its trade agreements with Canada, its industry’s main associations and initiatives as well as the country’s major trade markets and events.

A few highlights:

► Mexico’s main broadcasters, known mainly for their telenovelas, are focusing today on creating high-quality content and sophisticated television experiences.

► Like many other countries with recent alternatives to analogue television, traditional television viewing has dropped sharply in the past years following the arrival of digital television and on-demand viewing services.

► Mexico boasts one of the highest rates consumption of YouTube videos in the world.

► Mexican video gamers have preferences and habits that are similar to those of American and Canadian gamers.

► The Mexican government has implemented incentives and programs aimed at increasing the number of foreign productions in Mexico. For as long as foreign producers have a production partner based in Mexico, they are eligible for these incentives and programs.

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