As part of an international series aiming to demonstrate how Canadian producers can benefit from looking beyond borders, this report focuses on the state of the television and gaming industries in South Africa’s English market.

In this document, you will find information on popular genres with South Africans, as well as media consumption habits, South Africa’s regulatory environment, current trade agreements with Canada, the country’s major broadcasters and industry events, and advice from experts.

Fast facts:

► There are a total of 162 television operators in the country that deliver programming across nearly 170 channels.

► Access to digital services like Netflix has more than doubled over the past year and growth forecasts are just as robust.

► English is the predominant language for television shows in the country.

► Canadian content is selling well in South Africa based on recent deals.

► Drama, soaps, and reality shows are successful genres in the South African market.

► The accelerated penetration of smartphones in the country and the increasing availability and speed of Internet connections have created many opportunities for video game producers.