As part of an international series aiming to demonstrate how Canadian producers can benefit from looking beyond borders, this report focuses on the state of the television and gaming industries in selected key South American markets: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

This document presents you with information on the genres that are gaining popularity in South America, media consumption habits, major local broadcasters, the regulatory environment, current trade agreements with Canada, recent deals between Canadian producers and South American broadcasters as well as expert advice.

Fast facts:

► Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia together represent a population of about 320 million people, i.e., approximately the same size as the U.S.

► In the world of gaming, the countries examined in this report represent an industry that generates about $2.2 billion in revenue annually.

► Time spent on television and the Internet will be more or less equal by 2018 throughout Latin America.

► In South America, mobile phones are mainly used to access the Internet, as the region’s broadband infrastructure is underdeveloped.

► The OTT marketplace in South America is currently a fraction of the size of its Canadian counterpart and is therefore a key sector to watch for exponential growth in the years ahead.