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Queer and Trans Narratives in Virtual Reality

Body, Avatar and Gender in Virtual Reality

Can virtual reality stimulate new conversations and create learning opportunities by immersing an audience in a new environment? Dylan Paré and Scout Windsor offer...
Analog Conference on Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Industries Takeaways

Artificial Intelligence in the Arts: An Enabling Technology, a Threat, or a Complement?

A computer science professor, a new media curator and critic, and an AI entrepreneur building audience demand analysis software ponder artificial intelligence (AI) in...
Canada Media Fund Key Trends Report 2020

Closer, Wider, Faster

The Canada Media Fund's 2020 trends report in the audiovisual industry.

Now & Next Podcast: Six Takeaways from Season 2

An AI trailblazer, an eSports champ, Canada’s most celebrated Indigenous filmmaker, the foremost expert on podcasting, an advocate for environmental sustainability and a VP...

Analog: Unveiling of the Programming for the Conference Series

Curated by the Canada Media Fund and co-presented with Telefilm Canada, Analog is a series of half-day conferences on creativity and the transformations underway...

The Virtual Beings Are Arriving

Virtual beings are beginning to engage audiences at the same level as human celebrity talent. Characters that seemingly have their own souls are having...

Now & Next Podcast S2E1 – Jack Zhang Is Paving the Way for Filmmaking’s...

Jack Zhang, founder of Greenlight Essentials, joins Leora Kornfeld in the studio to talk about how artificial intelligence could completely transform the filmmaking industry—from...

Innovation and Digital Culture: 8 Suggested Readings for Your Summer Vacation

Summertime means vacation time, but it doesn’t mean you have to completely switch off your brain! To help you keep those brain cells active,...

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