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How to Develop an Idea into a Web Series

“I have an idea!” many creators often exclaim. Great ― but how do you go about developing a story or concept into a ready-to-upload...

Where New Stories and Resources Live

Are you starting to think about the next story you want to bring to life? Do you plan to self-finance, or will you be...

How YouTube Contributes to Canada’s Media Ecosystem: Report

By Irene S. Berkowitz and Hanako Smith Amid the pandemic, we rely on our screens more than ever. Globally, average daily views of #withme...

COVID-19 Pandemic a “Watershed Moment” for Canadian Media

With the current coronavirus pandemic driving Canadians indoors and into self-isolation, media consumption has predictably increased across the board. Yet while idle citizens are...

Podcasting in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canada has adopted economic measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that are compelling the media industry to rethink its business models and processes....
Canada Media Fund Key Trends Report 2020

Closer, Wider, Faster

The Canada Media Fund's 2020 trends report in the audiovisual industry.
Digital discoverability APFC study

At the Heart of Discoverability: Where Are We At?

An update on the Alliance des producteurs francophones du Canada (APFC)’s At the Heart of Discoverability research project on digital discoverability. This project introduced last...

Streaming Wars: Using Nostalgia as a Weapon

Streaming platforms are spending millions, if not billions of dollars to acquire successful TV shows from the 90s and 00s. While these shows certainly...

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