Community is key to the success of an indie game

Encounter with Astrid Rosemarin, community developer with Execution Labs, to discuss the creation of a solid fan base for an indie game. Interview with Astrid Rosemarin, community developer with Execution Labs, an accelerator and early stage investor for independent video game studios. She explains the importance of community for the success of an indie game... Read More »

Arena Cyber Evolution: reinventing the MOBA

In this third episode of Indie Games Level Up! we talk to Montreal’s Spearhead Games about Arena: Cyber Evolution. This game is one of the world’s first MOSA, a multiplayer online sports arena, rather than a traditional MOBA, a multiplayer online battle arena. The free-to-play¹ game came to life through a transparent development process. Spearhead... Read More »

Behind-the-scenes look at Afterland by Imaginary Games

This second episode of Indie Games Level Up! visits Vancouver to talk to indie game studio Imaginary Games about their upcoming release Afterland, a free-to-play¹ card game on mobile. What really sets this game apart is its unique art style, featuring a cast of gothic and whimsical characters immersed in a dark carnival aesthetic. A... Read More »

Indie games Level Up!: Tuque Games

Indie Games Level Up! is a series of interviews designed to provide a behind-the-scenes look at innovative Canadian indie video games and game studios. Every three weeks, we’ll visit a different indie video game studio and talk about their upcoming games, their creative process, and the trials and tribulations of making it as an indie.... Read More »

Creating Content for Google Glass – State of Syn Case Study

Is it a game? A social networking app? Animated? An immersive experience? Live action? Welcome to the Google Glass ripple effect, or the new world of transmedia. State of Syn is an intricate mix of digital content created especially for Google’s tech eyewear. The motion-enabled, 3-D graphic novel combines live-action photos with richly animated backgrounds to place... Read More »

Using Drones for TV shootings – Interview with Kaspi Films

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has propelled cinematographic innovation to new heights, trending in TV, film and commercial production as an affordable way to capture dynamic footage. Lightweight camera drone technology produces beautiful aerial views using a variety of remote controlled systems to offer captivating establishing shots, action shots, and motion tracking abilities. In addition,... Read More »

From TV to mobile quest game – Interview with Caroline Gaudette, Version 10 Productions

With the television landscape rapidly changing, several agencies and production houses are developing flagship products exclusive to their brand to stay ahead of the game. Such is the case with Version 10 Productions, an agency that designs and produces digital media components for convergent projects in television and film. Version 10 developed JIM, a platform... Read More »

Online TV Consumption in Canada

Duncan Stewart joins us in an interview on how faster internet speeds (such as fibre optic bandwidth) is changing the game of online TV consumption in Canada. In Canada, Deloitte’s TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) Predictions is one of the most anticipated industry documents of the year. Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research for Deloitte Canada, shares his... Read More »

Shazam and TV content recognition

As mentioned in a recent post, second-screen applications for television shows have been all the rage in the last year or so. Certain tech companies are pushing the concept even further by allowing tablets and smartphones to listen to and identify the content presented on screen. This technology is known as automatic content recognition, or... Read More »

Real Time Rendering Technology

The capabilities of Real Time Rendering Technology – the ability to see virtual sets live – are very much present, affordable, and achievable in most major city centres worldwide for production. In this interview with Canadian President of Stargate Studios Canada, Kris Wood shares an in-depth discussion of the possibilities and opportunities of using this technology in live-action... Read More »