The many faces of second-screen applications

Second-screen applications are the talk of the TV industry this season. Dozens of shows now have their own app for mobile devices or laptops, in Canada and other parts of the world as well. A number of Canadian digital content producers, such as LVL Studio, Version 10, Akufen and Mobovivo (to name just a few), have made developing these... Read More »

How social networks influence television

On August 6, 2013, US-based polling firm Nielsen announced the first study of its kind providing statistical evidence that Twitter has a certain level of influence on TV ratings. The study did not win unanimous support in the community, so we met with several stakeholders in the TV industry to get their opinion on the... Read More »

T-Commerce Broken Down

Some of you may have heard of T-commerce but do you understand how it really works? With tablets and mobiles (plus the rise of Smart TV’s) becoming a common household item, the action of buying what you watch on TV isn’t so far fetched. In this two-part interview, we talk with Isabelle Sullivan at Montreal’s... Read More »